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True (Buon) Fresco Painting: Introduction for Interior Designers

ICDEC Approved CEU credit 0.1
Subject Code: 9:2 Designation: General
Course number: 30119 Classification: Basic

Course Description:

This 1 hour and 15 minute course is intended to explain the meaning of true (buon) fresco and dispel misconceptions about this form of art
and enable participants to identify a real fresco.

During the course the participants will learn about the 40-thousand year history of fresco and see famous fresco examples from different cultures.

Students will learn about fresco styles and have a clear understanding of fresco techniques. They will learn foundational differences between classic lime plasters, including fresco, and imitation techniques, such as modified acrylic based plaster imitations. They will also discover fresco as a pure organic and the most sustainable form of art.

The course will provide ideas on how fresco can enhance the interior and exterior design of a house in traditional classic or contemporary settings. The course is designed for artists, interior designers, and architects as an introduction into the world of fresco with an emphasis on interior design. The course is taught by fresco artist iLia Anossov, one of few artists in the world who can be considered masters of fresco art.

The participants will have a chance to see examples of various frescoes as well as the materials and pigments used to create frescoes.

For more information regarding the dates and times please contact Anatoly Valushkin (310) 591-8028.

Space limit: 20 participants

Price: $125 per person

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