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The Next Steps Are:

Four simple steps to begin your fresco painting journey with clarity and confidence!

  • 1

    1 - Prerequisite

    Buon Fresco Foundations Video Tutorials

    Everyone starts with our prerequisite - Buon Fresco Foundations 5 Video Tutorials Set (5 Volumes) - a part of the FS Membership package that also includes free consultations. These tutorials were created by our founder after 15 years of teaching fresco painting to all levels of artists. You should begin the study with a clear understanding of the medium, terminology and process. You will be able to take full advantage of our advanced fresco programs after watching the tutorials (yes, tutorials enable you to work on your own successfully and with confidence). Each set comes with a free consultation (see FAQ) with our fresco experts and permanent discount (see FAQ) on fresco tools and materials at FrescoShop.com

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    2 - Personalize

    Individually Developed Curriculum

    Our method is a style independent approach. Every student gets a personal curriculum based on their work and desires. We use and refer to a variety of traditional fresco styles to illustrate the principles and technical details, Our goal is to enable and assist you in adapting your own style to a new medium, to propel your career and enhance your art through fresco. Our goal is "To see fresco being painted in every town!" and we don't want them look the same :)

    Our Fresco School OnLine Apprentice Program enables each students to study remotely while maintaining a full access to one-on-one guidance, individual curriculum, private consultations and reviews, study and practice guides, video tutorials and the community of peers.

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    3 - Private Workshops

    Fresco Painting Retreat

    We schedule and intensive private fresco workshop(s) with a specific workshop plan at the intervals that would be the most beneficial and economical for you. You can study using your personalized curriculum at you own pace and come for the workshop(s) when you feel ready and as many times as you would need. Unlike with the traditional school you do not need to pay for facilities when you do not use them! ;)

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    4 - Your Big Project

    Technical Consulting

    Many of our students joined the school with a particular project in mind or have received a fresco commission after our classes. To ensure their success we have provided them with consulting, professional advice and technical backing on and of the project's sites. As part of the school you will also have access to over 25 years of our experience in creating real frescoes in public and private buildings.


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Why Fresco School?

We are Passionate about Fresco Painting - Our goal is to see Fresco being painted in every town!

  • Practicing Painters

    For the last 25 years we create buon frescoes in Public and Private spaces.
    Every student receives a 100% personal attention even after the graduation!
  • Gallery Exhibitions

    Our Faculty, Alumni and Students are represented by the galleries worldwide!

  • Recognized Artists

    Our instructor's and alumni frescoes are featured in the media and premiere magazines internationally!

  • Foundation Tutorials

    Our Fresco Tutorials are the most complete fresco tutorials in existence.
    Our method is style-independent - we want YOU to be a Star!

  • Museum Collections

    Frescoes by our Faculty are found in permanent museum and private collections!

  • Teaching Experience

    Fresco School is over 20 years old! We taught all levels of students - from kids to University professors.


Team 1

iLia Fresco (Anossov)

Founder / Director

iLia has been painting frescoes and teaching for over 25.

Team 2

Ian Hardwick

Master Plasterer

Ian has over 25 years of plastering experience.
He is an unparalleled Master in fresco plastering.

Team 3

JP Andrews


Attorney at Law, JP knows first hand what artist needs in a contract - he is a fresco painter himself.

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Aged slaked lime putty, natural pigments and selection of hard to find fresco painting materials, tools and supplies.

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