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Classic 5-day Professional Fresco Workshop


First workshop of this format took place in 1997 and was taught 4 times per year, since then hundreds of students have attended the workshop enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. In addition to being regularly held in Los Angeles, this workshop has traveled to other US cities.

All materials for this workshop are provided by the studio. Student required to prepare and bring a minimum of 4 fresco cartoons (1 or 2 24X24 inch and 3 16X16 inch) for the frescoes they plan to paint during the class. How to prepare Fresco Cartoon is explained in detail in the "Small Fresco Cartoon" article (click here). Very helpful, but not required, is to attend "3-day Introduction to Fresco Workshop" prior to Classic 5-day Professional Fresco Workshop.

During this workshop each student paints up to 4 buon frescoes Class size is limited to the maximum of 6 people. You will be guided by two instructors.

Workshop Instructors:

  • iLia Anossov - fresco painting

  • Ian Hardwick - fresco plaster

For 2012/2013 academic year the dates are:
  • March 6th - March 10th

If those dates are not convenient for you or you would prefer more "one on one" approach conceder our "6-Day Private Class" and set your own time!

Workshop Details:

Day 1

Introduction, Cartoon, Tools & Materials

9:30 AM till 5 PM

  • Introduction to fresco - terminology, definitions, etc. Differences between Fresco Wall, Fresco Panel and Fresco Tile. (There is NO difference in chemical process that takes place while you paint in buon fresco whether it as a wall, a panel or a tile. However methods of plaster application and painting slightly differ - we will study that during the workshop).
  • Cartoon - we will learn about Large Fresco Cartoon, review, adjust and refine cartoons that you brought, make tracings and prepare for painting days. You must come with your own cartoons (drawings) to any of our workshops. Please study "Small Fresco Cartoon Article" and have them prepared.
  • Traditional Buon Fresco Tools & Materials - you will be introduced to a wide range of fresco materials and tools, their use and sources.

Day 2

Pigments & Colors, Fresco Tiles - Plaster

9:30 AM till 5 PM

  • Pigments & Colors - we will learn about traditional fresco pigments, it's grinding and storing, prepare and test fresco paints.
  • Fresco Tiles - Introduction to Fresco Plaster - we will prepare and condition 16X16 ceramic tiles for fresco painting.

Day 3

Fresco Tiles - Painting

9:30 AM till 5 PM

  • Mix paints
  • Apply Intonaco plaster to the tiles we prepared on the previous day
  • Transfer Cartoons onto a fresh Intonaco
  • Paint our first fresco

Day 4

Fresco Plaster Coats

Fresco Giornata Line

9:00 AM till 5:30 PM

  • 7 fresco plaster coats with individual instruction by fresco plasterer - mortar mixing and application. Several previously prepared panels are provided for each student by the Fresco School to practice each layer of plaster
  • Fresco Giornata - we will practice cutting and mending of the giornata line.
  • We will learn how to prepare Fresco Panels and walls

Day 5

Fresco Panel - Painting

9:00 AM till 5:30 PM

  • Mix paints
  • Intonaco plaster will be applied by our Plastering instructor to the 24X24 Fresco Panels provided by Fresco School.
  • Transfer Cartoons onto a fresh Intonaco
  • Paint a fresco

Workshop Cost:

Due to the extensive preparation required from the Fresco School for this workshop and class limit (a maximum of 6 students) it is required to enroll/register a minimum of One Month before the scheduled date of the workshop.

Class Prerequisite -

"Buon Fresco Foundations: DVD Tutorial Set"

It is required that you watch all available videos of this Set prior to the workshop. To purchase this DVD click here

click to read more about prerequisite...

Alternatively you can call your Local Library and ask them if they have a copy.

If your library does not have one, have them call Fresco School (310) 779-5079 and order a
Library Special Set

  • Full Tuition - $2225
  • Registration fee of $125 is required to reserve the spot in the class - fee is waived if tuition paid in full at the time of registration/enrollment.

If this would be your first experience in fresco and you are not certain that this workshop is right for you or you are just "testing the fresco waters". You might prefer "3-day Introduction to Fresco Workshop" ($650).


NOTE: If circumstances prevent you from coming to the class on scheduled date, but the tuition payment was already made - you can always contact our office and we will transfer your payment to the next available class. You will loose nothing. Registration/Reservation Fee - Non Refundable

Tuition Payments:

25 calendar days prior to the date of the class - less $425.00
15 calendar days prior to the date of the class - less $850.00
less then 14 days prior to the date of the class - no refund.




To contact Fresco School use Contact Form or call:
(310) 779-5079 10 AM - 6 PM PST


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